A banner hangs

I had a report forwarded to the Europarc Project office earlier today informing me that a new series of banners are hanging from The Europarc bridge, Grimsby.

Passing traffic are invited to ‘beep for Brexit.’

Regular beeping and honking have been recorded over the weekend. a180


Europarc Visit: 01.08.2019


A yellow tractor speeds along to my left as I salute a materialized magpie.

X2 return on the vergeside.

Police car sinks into Beechwood tarmac.

Digital voices drift across the outlying fields.

I cross the A180 bridge and pick up another chalk rock from Capital Hill.

A guy in his mid-thirties cycles past conversing with himself and headphones in ears.

Quayside lorries mock me behind factorious fences,

Overweight Daniels workers wait for relational bus 2 mediated by images.