Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness Uk

8.15…post – run. 3 laps. 30 mins ish. Strava seems to think I had a better run today… it was tougher that is for sure…. water fountain company lorry driver gave me a wave… I don’t need socialised media to give me my dopamine hits.. The Beechwood Farm pub waits in lockdown limbo…. a dog walker packs her fluffy-tailed pets into her people carrier…. a cleaner sprays anti bac on the morrisons factory window whilst checking out the load arriving at the security gates…. A grim guy, druggie yellowing skin, hood up walks in the direction of the Daniels soup factory… orange polythene caught in the hedgerow…. sponsorship is slow… hey and ho… waiting for a personal windfall…. the pie de mag has returned, having greeted me pre-run… my hands are warmer…. I must call mum… a distant siren along the Humber… A180… X scurries around the scaffolding…

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Research UK

Just the 2 laps tonight, slightly addled mind….eurpoarc bus passes along slipway to the left… my left arm illuminates red… a traffic cone peeks back at me from behind a grassy ridge… nothing will become of nothing… so the saying goes… car sharers pull up swapping vehicles and saving a few quid on the bridge of Humber*… Digital Virus Interchange…. all lights on in the lockdown Beechwood Farm pub tonight… X fades out in a proliferation of WiFi. I can’t claim this or that. Said. Marcc.

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness

Post work run… felt pretty strong tonight… Strava thought otherwise and suggested that it was harder than my usual effort again…. she’s a tough task master… the run was just under 10k and took 59mins 10 secs… Mars is still clear in the night sky… a small white dog passes my open door with owner in tow… Beechwood is still locked down…. The Innovation Centre looked sparse… another empty Europarc bus winds its way radio on… around the roundabout… ‘obviously we know that people have other health conditions, we need to….’ Switch off. X hovers for a moment under a dying lamp down the A180…. the LED’s glow behind me as a couple of truckers wait for the next batch of food produce to be sorted down Innovation Way.

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness UK

45 minutes…. 4 laps… Strava is still telling me that my run was harder than my usual efforts….the Mercedes truck is still sat in the layby with curtains closed… birds are flying to and fro over the ploughed fields…. a couple of backpacked agers of the teens cycle past, I guess towards a food processing dystopia…. Beechwood waits in its lockdown state… I sit here with the door open in the Stark sun and gentle breeze with Canadian sounds in my headphones… I strain my eyes in search of X…. the dopamine is subsiding… 12.27….a gull de mere proceeds towards the factorious dereliction

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness

Apparently Strava thought I struggled today…another one of those cars pulls up and then pulls away again…. Soceitas X is in my ears again… Mars is getting further away… I look across at the lights lining the Humber Bank…Beechwood Farm is still closed for the hallowed lockdown breakdown shakedown… I heard they were doing delivery carveries according to someone at work… a light of red glows upon my upper left arm…. X lingers forlornly in the dyke next to me as the Europarc bus ferries a few food process workers to the site… I can’t get my mind back to pre-pandemic faux sentience… I stare at a window glowing a mile down the road in the hope of finding an answer to nothing.

euromarc 10k – For Epilepsy Awareness

Sunday 27th of December 2020

Marc Renshaw has taken part in annual 10k events nationally since 2013. This year, due to the pandemic, he’ll be taking on his annual challenge as a solo event, using Grimsby’s flagship business park – europarc and the surrounding environs as a self-initiated location for his run. 

Epilepsy interrupts the lives of ordinary, extraordinary people. It’s invisible. It’s unpredictable. It’s frightening. Epilepsy Research UK is the only charity exclusively dedicated to driving and enabling life changing, life saving research into epilepsy. A life free from epilepsy is possible. But only through research. Join our #ALifeInterrupted campaign

The JustGiving page for euromarc10K – For epilepsy awareness is live and ready to receive donations.
All funds raised go directly to Epilepsy Research UK.
Please visit the fund raising link below. Every penny no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated for this wonderful cause.  Thank you.