Euromarc 10k Event for Epilepsy Research UK on 27.12.2020

I completed the Euromarc 10k on the 27th of December at The Europarc Grimsby in a time of 55 minutes.

Thank you to all who’ve sponsored me for a great cause – Epilepsy Research UK.

There is still time to sponsor me at my JustGiving page – donations no matter how small or big are all really appreciated. Thank you… Marc

Marc Renshaw is fundraising for Epilepsy Research UK (

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness

Strava didn’t upload… approx 1hr 4 mins to 10k point… some work to do to get to under an hour… hip pain… some students took a tripod out to the. M180 field next to me when I arrived… girlfriend or mother waited in car… Hi vizzers next to Morrisons on path looked on as I passed… nearly 2 weeks since Mike left the world… Societas X for company today… A Greek poem of tears… X is floating across Sweetdale Croft drain… there is nothing I can do now

Europarc Project M180 at Tail of the Pup

Exhibition link:

Tail of the Pup is a d.i.y artists’ project space based in the outer boroughs of East London. Broadcasting from a converted shed that has a sleek and designed exterior that deliberately contrasts with its ramshackle and bricolaged interior.

The Pup aims to host a diverse programme of artists, designers and cultural producers who will be invited to present significant aspects of their practice, whether it is their work, their theoretical concerns, their experiences, their influences or even their digressions. It is up to them.

We will happily accept high and low culture, mix the sacred and the frivolous, the mainstream and the marginal, the formal and the vernacular, the banal with the spectacular as well as the local and the international.


Marc Renshaw has a long-established interest in non–places and transitional zones which include motorway services, airports and business parks. His local research point is The Europarc, marketed as ‘the flagship business park of North East Lincolnshire’ and its surrounding environs. The site is a ten minute drive from his rural Lincolnshire home. For Tail of the Pup, Marc focuses upon a 38.5 mile stretch of road – the A180/M180, which runs from the business park to the Doncaster (Hatfield) motorway services. Using the road as an identity projection device, the artist travels along this relentless path to nowhere – documenting his findings in the form of digital drawing, film and text…

M180 Bridge.

Tail of the Pup Project Space

Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness

3 laps and approx 38 mins… the first run I’ve had since Mike died…I gaze at a bit of tarmac in the hope of finding an answer… I can hear the thudding bass of a car heading along the A180…who said life is fair… Lifemare…remembered Shoprite days… masked faces at the Europarc bus shelters… a woman smokes another cigarette in the gutter…. X is hanging around the perimeter of the Lenzig building… a white Ford van…I remember the smell of a petrol lawnmower…. the lamp above me has gone out as the sound of sweeping echoes across the motorway.