Starbucks Angel

Covid Humber Bridge car sharer debris increases in Beechwood dyke.

Faded orange logo.

Radio scan.

Team Mars. What was the landing of Curiosity like for you.

We are safe on Mars. Blood was drawn. Mission control JPL feed.

Scan out.

There is no. Covid on Mars.

A magpie waits in dormant tree.

Europarc looks tired tonight.

So am I.


Many fowl inhabit the fields to my left.

The two ducks have left the fountain on Lakeside.

A car passes sharing the cannabis scent.

This isn’t last year or the year before or the year before that so I guess I’m thankful…

Audio is off.

A magpie followed by a a second.

Tail flicking in tree.

Thankful for new relationships – the magpie cleans its beak.

Another building on Origin Way is to let or is it Genesis?

Be reasonable