Holiday Visit 20th of Sept 2021

We enjoyed the all day breakfast at the Beechwood Farm pub for the first time since early 2020.

We then took a short drive around the Europarc Circular – stopping on Origin Way.
More of the buildings come complete with ’To Let ‘ signs now since The Europarc pandemic.
I thought about letting an office – an art intervention of sorts. I’d like to set my illustration studio up there when the advertising commissions start to roll in…


Hills Gridow

P watched as we experiment throwed a surrogate Grid in a replicated re-appropriation. He said something about ‘it depended where it landed’ as to whether it would still be applicable to finderage.

In the experiment throw it landed near a waste paper bin in a sunken park of retail.

Although having already eaten. I exulted in the day off moment. I looked at the bacon butty sign upon a notional freedom cafe