Euromarc 10k training for Epilepsy Awareness Uk

8.15…post – run. 3 laps. 30 mins ish. Strava seems to think I had a better run today… it was tougher that is for sure…. water fountain company lorry driver gave me a wave… I don’t need socialised media to give me my dopamine hits.. The Beechwood Farm pub waits in lockdown limbo…. a dog walker packs her fluffy-tailed pets into her people carrier…. a cleaner sprays anti bac on the morrisons factory window whilst checking out the load arriving at the security gates…. A grim guy, druggie yellowing skin, hood up walks in the direction of the Daniels soup factory… orange polythene caught in the hedgerow…. sponsorship is slow… hey and ho… waiting for a personal windfall…. the pie de mag has returned, having greeted me pre-run… my hands are warmer…. I must call mum… a distant siren along the Humber… A180… X scurries around the scaffolding…


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