27.07.2017 – Happy Holidaze


  • Family dining.
  • Hand dryers and a sea of lanyards.
  • Quayside.
  • Knight Frank.
  • DHL drivers eat doorstep sandwiches.
  • Catering kitchen foil.
  • Overgrown hedges.
  • Rain drums on top of the bus shelter roof.
  • Moss encroaches upon painter aluminium frame.
  • Scuffing booted sandwich eater walks by – early 20’s utopia.
  • Paint. Flecked. Overalls.
  • A lonely blackbird sings in the distance.
  • Where is the outside anyway?
  • The rain slows…down.
  • Bus timetable concerns.
  • Haith’s trusted bird foods.
  • Factory workers exit.
  • ‘We’re off to Wybers.’ Says the bus driver.
  • OK
  • The fishers stand motionless gazing into a collective business park fountain mist reverie.
  • Freshly mown roundabout.
  • My tired brain needs to breathe.
  • A psychic guy gets on at Wybers 10 minutes later – scarf covering nose and mouth.
  • For Europarc use both lanes.’
  • We pass the Beechwood pub.
  • DHL prophet is still stood there. Waiting.
  • Engie.
  • A guy in a Beastie Boys t-shirt gets on.
  • Daniels Group.
  • Lakeside.
  • Fountain.
  • Grimsby/Immingham.
  • A180

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