Media City 2

media 2

X shuffled along Europarc Innovation Way and tuned into Media City.

A cameraman sat in Pret a Manger and watched an elderly couple talking next to the Blue Peter Garden.

  • This way for street food.
  • Children rolled down the hills of hope as the sun reflected off steel walkways.
  • In the red zone, a young woman rested next next to a flower bed whilst eating a pack up on a break from her mobile apps junior tester role.
  • Empty five-a-side court.
  • A blonde haired young professional, ripped jeans, phone, sandals and shades waited for nobody outside Booths.
  • Food…wine…groceries.
  • Poetic injustice streams beamed into the national unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, back on Europarc, X drifted along Genesis Way and focused upon a faded invoice…




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