Political voices cascaded from the Sky to the rear of The Innovation Centre.

No lets strike outward looking free trade no confidence letters however if she goes back fully behind at the moment I’m looking for somebody get behind the deal for our country if people ask me…I don’t know…customs union…policies…EEA…that is true…compromise

Meanwhile, a young process worker aggressively pushed his bike along Europarc Way whilst clutching a coffee and ice cream ball.

A part-time supply co-ordinator proceeded to scroll her twitter feed in anticipation of the escapist post-work Friday experience.

Degree of access restricted.

Waiting by the Lakeside fountain, I proceeded to write a bit about my short exchange with a Cofely Fabricom worker three years earlier (who is based at The Europarc).

I had difficulty trying to read the information boards whilst maintaining a conversation.

‘Do you like being based at The Europarc or do you feel a bit cut off?’ I asked.

The Cofely woman’s response included: ‘Been there for four years…used to be based in Cleethorpes where there was easier access into town…I sometimes get bored onsite, it can feel a bit cut off…but its my place of work.’



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