Feigned Epicentre


Radio waves floated as the integrated wonder team feigned good health outside Genesis Office Park.

Exposed (cough…tick and tock) epicentre.

A red van passed the newly installed virus squad kiosk as a post-shift admin worker mumbled bitterly as he progressed along Pegasus Way.

“Try to assume that certainty was always uncertain.” He rasped.


Flagstaff Footlong

Flagstaff fusee

Underlying health issues took enormous pride within the multi-fold panic-expanded portfolio’s.

The white coat supported tenants lied over many years, [whilst remaining] in their respective properties. Artist’s were supported throughout that residency.

The CEMEX cement withheld the lost fusee South of the 1995 Flagstaff Footlong.


Offsite: Wuhan Institute of Virology


The first case of coronavirus in Kent has been confirmed today (March 2).
Vinters Business Park in Maidstone has said that a member of staff at one of the businesses was diagnosed with the infection yesterday evening (March 1).
The Government’s Department for Health has also officially confirmed the county’s first case this afternoon.
The person had recently returned from a trip to Italy.
They are believed to be a worker in an NHS office at the site and also live in Kent.
In an email sent to staff, other workers at the site were told the person had been in the building last week.
The person is now in isolation at a treatment centre.